On 11-foot stilts, a Minnesota man tries water skiing


On 11-foot stilts, a Minnesota man tries water skiing

20 JULY (UPI) — When a Minnesota man went out on a lake wearing 11-foot stilts, he took his love of water skiing to new heights.

Chris Dens, 30, of Brainerd, was motivated to attempt the feat after seeing a video of Glenn Sperry water skiing on 8-foot stilts. Sperry, who owns the current record after skiing on 10.5-foot stilts, spoke with Dens and offered him some advice when he set out to break the record.

Dens stated he began with 3.5-foot stilts and progressed to 6.5-foot stilts before deciding to run in 11-foot stilts.

Dens released a video of some of his failed tries before completing an 11-foot run over the lake.

The skier, a founding member of the Brainerd Ski Loons Water Ski Show Team, said he plans to include stilt skiing in his ski shows next summer.

Guinness World Records is being contacted for official recognition, he said.

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